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Join our tribe of over 2. Watching something you’ve helped design materialize is a crazy, exciting feeling. Will World Number 1 Dustin Johnson Win At Carnoustie? It was a no-brainer to carry the colors of that sweet AMF graphic through to the rest of the build, but we were wary of overdoing it.

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And since we were based in the showroom of a local dealer called Uke’s Harley-Davidson, their mechanics Rob Voss and Billy Lobacz helped out as wrenches-slash-mentors. So we matched the stripes on the tail, and opted to keep most of the rest of the bike blacked out. As soon as we were good to go, everyone grabbed a tool and started yanking parts off, until just the frame, motor, swing arm, forks and wiring remained. Recent Form Is Key Jordan Spieth’s fast-finishing win at Royal Birkdale in 2017 adds even more gravitas to the fact that in-form players are the guys to follow at the Open Championship.

1. Keith’s father opened the dealership in 1930, and throughout the build, Keith and Nance couldn’t contain their excitement.

2. Naturally these statistics have to be taken in the context that the 2007 Open at Carnoustie was actually very fair from a weather perspective.

Our bike might not be practical for daily riding with that velocity stack on, but it runs great now. We were also given a budget for parts, and our parts list had to have a specific percentage split between H-D and third party parts. Thanks to Harley-Davidson for making this happen. We knew the Iron 1200 would spend most of its time at shows, but we still wanted to build something that would be rad to ride.

Both have throwback styling and graphics to commemorate the Motor Company’s 115th anniversary, but don’t offer anything mechanically different. Firing a new bike up for the first time should be a highlight.

As I packed my bags to fly from South Africa to the States, the crew from Uke’s ordered parts and tackled the fabrication and paint. Then it was time to check out the pre-fab work. The only down side is that I’ll probably never swing a leg over it again. The Iron 1200’s aggressive new stance was coming together.

And although we could arrange for paint and fabrication to be completed before we touched down in Milwaukee, the final teardown and assembly had to happen over the two days before Mama Tried.

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As for the wheels, we took cues from the supermotard world and designed them in white, with blue accents. Stilettos from Burly Brand, and decided to drop the front by an inch. Open Championship Tips 2018 STOP PRESS!

Thursday was played on a rain-softened golf course and with wind strength which allowed pretty good scoring to take place — in all, 25 players shot below the par of 71. But there were subtler touches that took a while to spot.

They truly are warm, passionate and genuine people.

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Earlier in the week, she sneaked the exhaust and stack back to HQ, installed them on another Sportster, and mapped out a custom engine tune. Iron 1200 into the parking lot for photos and a few laps around the dealership. They admitted that they were out of their element but that didn’t hold them back.

Miraculously—or thanks to Rob and Billy’s meticulous prep work—everything went according to plan. Just one mod appeared on the fly.