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Page 24: Notifications Panel Notifications panel Notifications alert you to the arrival of new messages, calendar events and alarms, as well as ongoing events, such as when you are using turn-by-turn navigation. Page 58: Chrome Chrome Use Chrome to search for information and browse webpages. To end the call, tap TIP! Page 86: Safety Safety This phone has been tested and rated for use with hearing aids for some of the wireless technologies that it uses.

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Page 52: Utilities Utilities Clock Use the Clock app to access the Alarms, Timer, World clock and Stopwatch functions. Page 88: Consumer Information About Radio Frequency Emissions user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: — Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. Sets the language to use on your device.

1. Please check to see whether any problems you encountered with your phone are described in this section before taking the phone in for service or calling a service representative.

2. Enter a contact name or contact number into the To fi eld.

3. Archived from the original on Nov 19, 2008.

Page 10: Important Notice Important notice Please read this before you start using your phone! New SIM or USIM Calls not Check for new restrictions. Allows you to manage your voicemail settings. Page 16: Installing The Sim Or Usim Card Installing the SIM or USIM card Before you can start exploring your new phone, you need to set it up.

Contacts How can I back up Contacts data can be synchronized Contacts? Page 82 Category Question Answer 1. Page 41: Conversation View Conversation view Text and multimedia messages exchanged with another party are displayed in chronological order so that you can conveniently see and find your conversations. Page 40: Messaging Messaging Your phone combines text and multimedia messages into one intuitive, easy-to-use menu.

Accessibility Use the Accessibility settings to configure accessibility plug-ins you have installed on your phone. Searching the web by voice In the browser, tap the address field and then tap . Page 59: Settings Settings This section provides an overview of items you can change using your phone’s System Settings menus.

Press the Volume Down Key and tap the Home Key at the same time to activate and deactivate this feature.

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Open the Clock app, then select the Alarms tab. Page 54: Calendar Calendar The Calendar app allows you to track your schedule of events. Press and hold the Down key to launch the Camera.

Page 56: Browsing The Web Browsing the Web Browser Use this application to browse the Internet. Tap to create a new line in the message field.

Tap to send your video to others or share it via any available social network services.

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44 FAQ 78 Recording a video . Phone memory When there is less than 10MB of space available in your phone memory, your phone cannot receive new messages. On 20 January 2013, Counterpoint Research announced that LG has overtaken Apple to become second largest in U.

The original LG corporate logo, used from January 1, 1995, until December 31, 2014, in Helvetica typeface. 14 Answering and rejecting a call . Tap to see all song list.

Page 73 In addition to the source code, all referred license terms, warranty disclaimers and copyright notices are available for download. Page 63: Display Apps Allows you to prevent apps from displaying notifications. This is useful for users with children.