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Studies in surface science and catalysis. It is still not clear on how to find the linear range of the BET plot for microporous materials in a way that reduces any subjectivity in the assessment of the monolayer capacity. This plot is called a BET plot.

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Let θi be the fractional coverage of the sample surface covered by a number i of successive molecule layers. Journal of the American Chemical Society. E1 for the first layer, i.

1. Adsorption of Gases in Multimolecular Layers».

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3. The ISO 9277 standard for calculating the specific surface area of solids is based on the BET method.

Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis, 2007, 160, 49-56. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. The BET method is widely used in surface science for the calculation of surface areas of solids by physical adsorption of gas molecules.

C must be positive implying that any negative intercept on the BET plot indicates that one is outside the valid range of the BET equation. The desorption is a kinetically-limited process, i.

156 square meters per g of cement. BET model of multilayer adsorption, that is, a random distribution of sites covered by one, two, three, etc. In the field of solid catalysis, the surface area of catalysts is an important factor in catalytic activity. Langmuir theory can be applied to each layer.

The only molecular interaction considered is the following one: a molecule can act as a single adsorption site for a molecule of the upper layer.

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By application of the BET theory it is possible to determine the inner surface of hardened cement paste. Please forward this error screen to 178. Advances in Colloid and Interface Science.

Origin of superhigh surface area and microcrystalline graphitic structures of activated carbons». Let us consider a given amount of solid sample in a controlled atmosphere. In: Characterisation of porous solids VII.

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Adsorption methods for the characterization of porous materials». Rouquerol, Is the BET equation applicable to microporous adsorbents? Hence, the heat of adsorption is EL is equal to the heat of liquefaction.

Is the BET equation applicable to microporous adsorbents? Hot footballer getting horny in the showers! Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Activated Carbon Fibers».